“The Call of the Wild” and “Brahms: The Boy 2” too slow for “Sonic”

In first this upcoming weekend, Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog which had an amazing holiday weekend with $58 million for the three-day and $70 million for the four-day. This weekend, don’t expect a big drop this weekend because the audience is eating this movie up. A 45% drop brings the blue hedgehog to $31.9 million for the weekend, we will see the film pass the century mark with around $114.9 million.

Debuting in second, Fox’s The Call of the Wild, a tale of a man and his CGI dog. The weekend is looking to be comparable to A Dog’s Purpose which opened to $18.2 million in January 2017. Given that comparison, the weekend should come in around $17.5 million for the $109 million budgeted movie, quite disappointing, they’ll be hoping for extremely good legs for its final run.

Birds of Prey will be looking at around $10.2 million this weekend, a drop of 41%, the film will total about $75 million by next Sunday.

Bad Boys For Life should be looking at a 30% drop to $8.1 million in its next weekend after a stellar 5% drop this past weekend, the film will have $193 million in the tank by next Sunday if this is the case.

Also debuting this weekend is Brahms: The Boy 2 which is looking to open lower than its predecessor with an weekend which will likely total $7 million, down 30% from the original.

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