Netflix’s Holidate Review

Release Date: October 28, 2020

John Whitesell’s latest film Holidate is a colourful and fun pic that is at it’s best when we are with Kirsten Chenoweth (Aunt Susan) or Frances Fisher (Elaine) are on screen. The premise is an interesting one to explore and one that feels a bit more fresh when it comes to the Romantic Comedy genre.

For the most part, the film feels light and airy, totally enjoyable and a perfect film to watch during the holidays. The film lacks a bit of substance and could have likely cut 10 minutes to pick up the pacing during the middle of the film. However, the film does deliver some heart that doesn’t feel cheap or unwarranted in its ending.

Emma Roberts (Sloane) feels like a bit of a cliché at times as the single woman who thinks she is happy being single, but of course actually isn’t. But, Roberts does a good job at making the character likeable even with her flaws and brings personality into the film. Luke Bracey (Jackson) is an arrogant character who does get more likable throughout the length of the film.

The comedy in the film is never too forced, when it works it really did. The Dirty Dancing (1987) reference was a fun addition to the New Year’s sequence, although it would have been better had it not been spoiled in the trailer. Another joke that landed well was Elaine telling Sloane that Aunt Susan would “die alone in a wheelchair and a diaper.”

Trailer for Netflix’s Holidate (2020)

Overall, the film has a few standout side characters, a believeable romance, some good comedy and a likeable lead. The colour during the New Year’s and Cinco de Mayo scenes were vibrant and interesting and even though the film did comply to clichés, it never feels eyeroll worthy or too cheesy.

Score – 6/10

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