Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey Review

Jingle Jangle is a perfect choice for Christmas, the music is joyful and the cast is delightful. It is like a Christmassy version of The Greatest Showman (2017). One of the most impressive things about Jingle Jangle is the set design, which feels very warm and rich.

The beautiful and steampunk trailer

The main stand out for me is the curious and superb peformance from Madalen Mills as Journey, the granddaughter of Jeronicus. Her song “Square Root of Impossible” which is a very grand number with some impressive vocals.

The steampunk set design is gorgeous and is one of the strongest parts of the movie immersing the viewer in the setting. The figurines they use when transitioning into the story world. Even though the story feels a bit generic, the look and feel of the film makes it feel fresh and new.

Keegan Michael-Key does a good job as the villain who stole Jeronicus’ ideas, Forest Whitaker plays the washed up Jeronicus well. The cast is perfect for the roles. Side character Ms. Johnston played by Lisa Davina Phillip is great comic relief.

Rating: 8/10

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