The Unforgivable (2021) Review


Sandra Bullock is definitely the highlight of this film, her performance as the disturbed Ruth Slater is haunted by a memory of a sheriff who was shot and killed. The series is based on a TV miniseries from the UK which aired in 2009, which starred Suzanne Jones (Vigil, Scott & Bailey) as Ruth Slater. Sandra Bullock does a good job with what she is given here, but it is not much to go off.

Jon Bernthal and Viola Davis also make appearances here, both roles are quite small in the scope of the film, its nice to see them in this Netflix original but even their talent can’t save this film from being anything but mediocre at best.

The whole film feels a bit too drawn out, which is a surprise given the miniseries had a length 21 minutes longer than this 112-minute film. There isn’t enough substance to keep the runtime sustained. The first two acts are a bit weaker than the final act where all the pieces come together, but none of it adds up to anything good by any means. Everything up to the last 40 minutes feels like a drag to the finale of the film.

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