Boxing Day (2021) Review


Aml Ameen’s debut directorial effort sees him star alongside Aja Naomi King and Leigh-Anne Pinnock in a Christmassy romantic comedy that doesn’t always get it right. There are some things here that make up for its downfalls. For example, Caroline Langrishe’s Brenda was some good comic relief for the few moments she showed her face. But, there were only a few chuckle-worthy scenes at best. It feels like this film is just checking boxes as a Chrismas romantic comedy and that will appeal to many people in audiences

The films second act seems like a bit of a drag, there are scenes in the finale that works really well, including a scene during a nativity show. The film tries to be intimate and earned in its love story and comedy, which works sometimes, but there are some questionable choices in terms of the comedy in the script that was also written by its star, director and producer Aml Ameen.

The film is a good first role for Leigh-Anne Pinnock who makes her acting debut here although this may not lead to a big Hollywood picture soon, there should be more opportunities for the Little Mix songstress here in the UK.

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