Spider-Man: No Way Home Review


Spider-Man: No Way Home is a massive undertaking, an epic trilogy ending film which ties together threads from the first two films incredibly well, while giving us a feast of multiverse villains from previous Spider-Man films not connected to the MCU. The film is alive with beautiful shots and brilliant direction from Jon Watts who has done a great job on all three MCU Spider-Man films. This will definitely be a crowd pleaser for audiences looking for a big heap of Spider action!

Tom Holland anchors the film really well, his Spider-Man feels like he is going through the motions and reactionary to the events happening around him and he has the right emotional range to pull the role off at the capacity needed. There is definitely more than a few moments where he shines and he continues to be my favourite version of the character in live action.

There may have been a push to get the visual effect done in time, but none of that really shows here they look pristine and well done which is good given there were about nine or ten companies working on the films visuals. The shot composition and cinematography was also very impressive throughout the film.

Overall, there is a lot to like in the new MCU film, it has a lot of heart, an epic story on an equally massive scale and Doctor Strange brings a lot of comedy and magic to the film too.

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