Bullet Train (2022) – Movie Review

Director: David Leitch

Starring: Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Runtime: 126 minutes

Genre: Action

Rating: 15

Available: In Cinemas Now

From the producers of John Wick and Deadpool 2 come this blend of the two, highly stylized and choreographed film. The action really stands out with many standout sequences and stunts to pad out this just over 2 hour run time. All of the choreography is impressive and timed to perfection.

The film doesn’t come without its problems though, the first act is pretty weak in terms of pacing and set up, when there is a couple of characters that I felt were a little grating, one of them being The Prince who did seem like a character that is supposed to be annoying, but they went way too over the top with her to the point where she is the worst part of the movie.

The cinematography is really great in a lot of outside shots of Japan and some of the cars have great aesthetic and lighting, the shot of the mountain from the trailer could be a painting in a gallery it is so stunning. There are a few cool cameos too, no spoilers of course, but audiences will be very happy to see these few actors get a small chance grace the screen.

Score: 70/100

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